Wise Owl is able to offer a wide variety of comprehensive cognitive, educational, language, sensory and psychological assessments. A detailed report is also provided including relevant and practical recommendations that can assist in improvement and progress for your child.

Assessment Sevices

Individualised assessments available depending on your child’s specific needs. Please contact to discuss.

  • Cognitive Assessment / Intelligence Test
  • Multiple Specific Learning Disability Assessment
    • Dyslexia Assessment
    • Dysgraphia Assessment
    • Dyscalculia Assessment
    • Learning Assessment with Complex Behavioural or Emotional Needs
    • Comprehensive ADHD Assessment
    • Memory assessment –¬†Executive function.
  • Receptive and Expressive Language Assessment
  • Comprehensive Language Assessment
    • Receptive and Expressive Language Assessment, and Pragmatic Language Assessment
  • Pragmatic Language Assessment
  • Speech Assessment
  • Comprehensive Sensory Profiling with OT
  • Occupational Therapy Assessment
  • Counselling with psychologist
  • Group Dyslexia Intervention
  • Speech Pathologist Literacy Intervention
  • Multidisciplinary (Psych, Speech, OT) Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Assessment
  • Regular Service for Schools